Are you gay and looking for a baby?

Are you gay?

Are you unable to make babies on your own?

Well… now you can!

All it takes is a little piece of clay, 4 years of college, and $80,000 in student debt, and you can make a Moon baby of your own.
What’s that you say? You and your partner both have full-time jobs, a very needy cat, and on top of that all… you are dealing with the mental and physical effects of self-isolation?!
Have no fear!
You could always pay me, Devin, to ship you an already made Moon baby!
I know what you are thinking…Devin, those babies don’t look done yet. And to that, I would agree. These babies are not quite done… think of this photo as more of a sonogram, and in just a couple of weeks, they will be fully finished baby Moons for you to purchase!

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