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The quarantine chronicles: Grace’s 14 days of self- isolation

Self-Quarantine day 1

Hi everyone! I’m in self-isolation. South Korea government enforces 14 days self quarantines on South Korean nationals considering the increasing number of students and other South Korean nationals returning from the United States, where the virus has been spreading rapidly. All travelers from overseas are required to install the “Self Diagnosis Mobile App” on their smartphones and submit their health status everyday in the app for 14 days. I’ve been asked to stay in my room with door closed, use a separate bathroom, only coming out when necessary wearing a face mask. My mom leaves meals on a tray at my bedroom door.

Let me clear,  I don’t have coronavirus, but like many I’m self isolating to protect my family and others.

Self-Quarantine day 2

The coronavirus has spread rapidly to most of the countries by now making us all practicing social distancing–staying home, just like Rapunzel.


– chores

– sweep till the floor’s all clean

– polish

– wax

– do laundry

– mop & shine up

– sweep again then it’s like 7:15

– read a book or maybe 2 or 3

– add a few new paintings to my gallery

– play guitar

– knit

– cook


Did Disney predict coronavirus?!

Rapunzel from tangled was born in and had been trapped in a tower (quarantine) for 18 years  from by her mother Grathel in a place called corona.

Self-Quarantine day3/ “Dusty memories”

I pulled out one of the old photo albums hidden away on a dusty bookshelf today. I sat down a bed and flipping through the pages of a fat leather-bound book. And inside, slightly yellowing chronicle of my childhood filled with my mom’s handwritten notes to the pages with names, dates, locations and precious moments. There is something amazing and wonderful about looking back through my past. Flipping through the sheets of plastic make me smile and laugh during these tough times. Page after page, the memories flooding back. I remember the time my family sitting on the living room floor, flipping through them all, reminiscing our family trips, oohing over the cute faces of our past and listening all the stories that we haven’t remembered from our childhood. Ugh! I wish I could go back in that time.

Self-Quarantine day 4/ “Tra$h”

Self-Quarantine day 5: My kind of meditation

Indoor gardening is a great way to feel calm and relaxed thus reducing stress during the corona virus outbreak. If you don’t have your own houseplants, you should consider get them as a treatment for depression relief.

Are you a plant lover? Yes, I am a plant lover. I have over 15 plants in my room’s balcony. I am out there every morning checking on them and open my blinds to make sure plants get enough sun throughout the day. After drinking a cup of coffee, I talk to all my little plant friends while I water them. Perhaps someone watching might think I’d gone crazy, but science has demonstrated that talking to your plants and even singing to them can help them grow faster and healthier. If you aren’t already doing it… start talking to your plants!

Good morning! Grow babies! Sweet little greenies!

Self-Quarantine day 6/ Drawing my favorite things

oil pastel and ink drawing

Self-Quarantine day 7/ EXPLORING: having fun with texts in InDesign

Is it me you’re looking for?

Self-Quarantine day 8

I spent most of the day in bed, but watching a lot of Netflix instead. After that, I started to crave for korean comfort food, so I went to try to cook jjapaguri with steak aka “Ram Don” (mixing of two instant noodles packages together, jjapahetti and Neoguri) from the Oscar-winning film ‘parasite’. I have to say that, the result is it was delicious as heck! If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to catch parasite, I highly RECOMMEND it! Also, don’t forget to try out this ram-don. It’s easy to make a home! If you try this at least once, you cannot forget this taste for good.

Self-Quarantine day 9/ Okay, It’s time to get back into drawing…

“Layered memories of sitting on a chair”

pen and ink drawing with water color
Living room chairs
Antique grandfather clock
Coffee bean
Water color paint set and paint brush set my parents got me for my 13th birthday
My mother’s camera
Spare change I collected by helping my mom with chores around my house
My best friend’s cat
My old cell phone
A dog that was once a part of my life in the early years

Self-Quarantine day 10/ Find comfort in the chaos

Self- Quarantine 11-12/ make alternative face masks

Self-Quarantine day 13/ Homemade strawberry latte

Quick and Easy recipe you can make in 5 minutes

Self-Quarantine day 14/ Self-Portrait in Self Isolation

April 9,2020 / Woohoo, I ended my 14 days of self-quarantine!!

April 10, 2020
Song of the day
BENEE-Supalonely ft. Gus Dapperton
April 13, 2020
domestic objects as an inspiration

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