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Day 9

By: Barbara Kang 31 March 2020 Looking back, it was optimistic of me to think that by day seven–I would be more gratuitous of the handed circumstances (provided food, shelter, water, comfortable bed to sleep in). Instead, I am haunted by regrets, notions of unfinished business and the constant shame of loneliness. I acknowledge thoseContinue reading “Day 9”

Welcome to my little world

You can find me at… The quarantine chronicles: Grace’s 14 days of self- isolation Hi everyone! I’m in self-isolation. South Korea government enforces 14 days self quarantines on South Korean nationals considering the increasing number of students and other South Korean nationals returning from the United States, where the virus has been spreading rapidly. AllContinue reading “Welcome to my little world”

Implied Truths

By: Barbara Kang 21 March 2020 13:21 With great consideration, I am currently on my way to Boston Logan airport to move back to Los Angeles despite the current lockdown. “Sentimental music has this great way of taking you back somewhere at the same time that it takes you forward, so you feel nostagic andContinue reading “Implied Truths”

The Most Ridiculous Dinner & Brunch Made During a Pandemic Pt. 2

By: Barbara Kang 20 March 2020 After too many bottles of new favorite Sangiovese –2016 Castelvecchio Santa Caterina Chianti– it was time to chef up some brunch to accommodate the needs of the members of our isolation pod. Nights and mornings now consist of scribbling my conscious flow of thoughts, trying new reds, and flinchingContinue reading “The Most Ridiculous Dinner & Brunch Made During a Pandemic Pt. 2”


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